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Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee is a diverse roster of elected officials and former candidates across the country. This committee provides endorsed candidates with support, mentorship and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to run as a mama.

Rachel Hood

Michigan State House

District 76

State Representative Rachel Hood is serving her second term representing the 76th House District, which covers a large section of the city of Grand Rapids. Hood has spent her career developing, financing and implementing innovative urban investment, water protection and energy conservation solutions. She is a graduate of Michigan State University’s James Madison College, where she earned a degree in Public Policy.

Hood began her professional career as the executive director of the West Grand Neighborhood Organization working in crime prevention and community development. After WGNO, Hood spent time consulting for a variety of clients, including serving as a co-creator of Local First of West Michigan. She then went on to serve as the Community Relations Manager at Metro Health Hospital where she helped the health system prepare to operate in the Mid-West’s first green-built healthcare campus.

A life-long advocate for the environment, Hood spent a decade as the executive director of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC). At WMEAC, she helped form Grand Rapids’ stormwater asset management strategies, developed a watershed education program to serve West Michigan’s students, and innovated clean energy policy and programs. Most recently, Hood served as a strategist for Dig Deep Research, which helps municipalities find and secure millions in funding for water and energy infrastructure projects.

When she’s back home in Grand Rapids, Hood is likely to be found gardening, biking, camping or building community with her husband Dave, their two children.

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